New Foundations has been a true blessing in my life. Without the house and the people there I’m not sure where I would be in my sobriety. I want to give credit to NFTL because it has had a huge factor in where I am today.
— Randy C
I come from a strong and supportive family, but for some reason that still wasn’t enough for me to stay sober. After moving to NFTL, I learned that what I needed to stay sober was my AA family and sober support. New Foundations has taught me so much, like how to meet new sober people and how to be responsible — but most importantly it’s taught me how to live a sober, happy and beautiful life free of alcohol and drugs. I’m forever grateful to New Foundations for helping me find my way into this wonderful life I live today.
— Caitlin D
When I got to New Foundations I had no skills for living and staying clean. After being there for a few months, I found gainful employment with the help of management. I also built a strong support group in the houses and in my 12 Step program. What would I have done without New Foundations? They are the best in Cincinnati!
— Brian S
I’ve found a safe, sober home to actively work my recovery process. I’m continually surrounded by a network of men and women who want more from life than what their addictions had to give.
— Carol H
I would have never gotten back on my feet without the support of New Foundations. They truly were a saving grace for me when I needed it the most. I would recommend it to anyone who is struggling with addiction and needs to try something new.
— Brian M