Recovery Begins Here

New Foundations is a spiritually based, safe place for men and women. We focus on a continued transition into recovery after successfully detoxing or being discharged from the court system. Sometimes called sober living, or a halfway house, we provide group housing with a main goal of recovery from drugs and alcohol. This is the place for anyone who is seeking a new way of life, free from addiction.

What We Offer

We believe in providing an environment that is both conducive to recovery as well a place that one may call home. Our houses are fully equipped with all of the necessities needed for comfortable daily living. Each house has high speed internet, Wi-Fi access points, and computers at the residents disposal. Laundry facilities are located within each residence and access is made available 24 hours a day.


The Program

We are proud to offer our residents a structure that is built to foster both personal growth, as well as spiritual enrichment.  After completing the initial application and drug screen, a new resident will meet with management and become familiarized with our program. We believe in a multi-tiered approach to recovery. Anyone who has a lengthy amount of time free from drugs and alcohol knows that recovery is a process. We mean to lay the foundation for those who are willing to accept a new way of life. Each new resident will be expected to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Attend at least four 12 step meetings each week.
  • Work with a sponsor and obtain guidance through the 12 steps.
  • Attend a mandatory weekly in-house meeting.
  • Actively seek employment if not attending school.
  • Be observant of the nightly curfew.
  • Stay current on rent.

Our History

Since 2010, New Foundations has been steadily growing from our humble beginnings which consisted of only 5 beds. We have since flourished from this starting point to become the largest transitional living organization in the Greater Cincinnati Area.  Throughout our process of growth, we have found what works best for those seeking a stable recovery environment. Since we began in 2010, we have been able to assemble the most experienced and capable management team that seeks to provide the highest level of service to our residents. Over the years, we have been lucky enough to literally see peoples lives change right before our eyes. We have taken the idea of transition to heart, we strive to constantly seek out ways in which to better benefit our residents.  


Why It Works

Human beings have a natural tendency to gather in groups. Having a drug and alcohol problem cuts a person off from these groups. Or worse, it may draw them in groups that may further cause them harm. The group setting of each of our houses satisfies this desire to congregate and be part of a group. Although NFTL is a single organization, each of our houses has a culture and a life of its own. This culture gives our residents a sense of identity and purpose.

Program Completion Goals

  • The resident has maintained over 90 days of continuous sobriety
  • The resident has secured gainful continuous employment
  • His or her earnings are sufficient enough to allow themselves to be financially self supporting